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I want to use some of the APIs provided by Firefox OS. But many APIs are accessible only for privileged and certified apps. Firefox OS documentation suggests (as far as i understood) that "the apps which are deployed in marketplace are privileged apps". But how can i deploy an incomplete app to the marketplace without even testing the functionality of those APIs? Is there any other way to access those APIs? Thanks in advance

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You can test your app using the FirefoxOS Simulator:

Depending on the APIs you're testing the simulator can help. Some aren't available due to hardware not being available on a desktop device.

Also, if you are developing a "hosted app", you have access to APIs which use web permissions. If you need more than that you would need to create a "packaged app" with type=privileged and specify which permissions you want access to in your manifest. This is described here:

The app permissions table will tell you if the APIs you want required hosted, packaged, or certified (only available shipped on device).

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