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I have an XML file that contains a path to a bunch of folders and subfiles. I know how to read this file with LINQ. Now I want to learn how to show subfiles on DataGridView after selecting a folder on folderbrowserdialog. My DataGridView has 3 columns: file name, size and extension. Here is my code to read the path of bunch of folders on c#:

XDocument doc = XDocument.Load(@"C:\XmlFolder.xml");
var query = from p in document.Descendants("Path")
                      select p;
string path = query.First().Value;

I am using visual studio and windows forms application. Thanks for your suggestions.

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You can use the Directory.GetFiles() method. See here. Pass the path of the selected folder from the folderbrowserdialog and loop through the string array so you can display them on the datagridview.

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