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I collect string to xpath

<property xmlns:t="https://services" name="xPathElemet" expression="fn:concat(//t:SNILS/, $func:element)"/>

and I want to run this xpath and write the value of a Property

<property name="KEY" expression="get-property('xPathElemet')"/>

but receive only collected a string

how to xpath of the Property?

example code sequence :

<iterate continueParent="true" expression="//t:Employee">
            <call-template target="save_element">
                <with-param name="key_element" value="Name"/>

example code template :

<template xmlns="" name="save_element">
    <parameter name="key_element"/>  <!--example: "Name"-->
        <property name="KEY" expression="fn:concat(//t:Employee/t:SNILS, ':' ,$func:key_element)" scope="default"
                  type="STRING"/>             <!--example: "111-111-111-1:Name"-->
        <property name="xPathElemet" expression="fn:concat('//t:Employee/t:', $func:element)"/>      <!--example: "//t:Employee/t:Name"-->
        <property name="VALUE" expression="get-property('xPathElemet')" scope="default" type="STRING"/>      <!--example: Den (Now it does not work)-->
                    <![CDATA[insert into cache( key , value ) values (?, ?);]]></sql>      <!--insert new line where key = "111-111-111-1:Name" and value = "Den"-->
                <parameter expression="get-property('KEY')" type="VARCHAR"/>
                <parameter expression="get-property('VALUE')" type="VARCHAR"/>

example xml:

<Employees xmlns="https://services">
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Use evaluate

In your case:

<property xmlns:t="https://services" name="xPathElemet" expression="fn:concat(//t:SNILS/, $func:element)"/>
<property name="KEY" expression="evaluate(get-property('xPathElemet'))"/>

You can find more infomation in this blog.

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Please try the following and see if it works

<property xmlns:t="https://services" name="xPathElemet" expression="fn:concat(//t:SNILS/, $func:element)"/>
<property xmlns:t="https://services" name="xPathfull" expression="fn:concat(get-property('xPathElemet'),'/text()')"/>
<property name="KEY" expression="get-property('xPathfull')"/>

What was missing from your code was the /text() which refer to the parameters of the given xpath. Please try this

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I first need to build string for Xpath, and then execute it. how does this help me? – Gleb Belyaev Jul 12 '13 at 8:06
so what you want is to have the corresponding value to appear than just the xpath? – Nadeesha Jul 12 '13 at 8:39
I do not have ready in advance xPpath, I give value to the template, and there build xPpath, and I need to get the value of – Gleb Belyaev Jul 12 '13 at 8:59
I have modified the answer please check whether it works, you may have to change the code a bit based on the values returned, but the baseline is to include /text() after whatever the xpath text – Nadeesha Jul 12 '13 at 9:07
what you need to be doing is concatinate the following //t:SNILS/, $func:element and '/text()' so your final xpath would look like something like this '//m0:getQuote/m0:request/m0:Id/text()' – Nadeesha Jul 12 '13 at 10:20

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