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Using puppetlabs/apt in a puppet provisioner for vagrant. the module is installed in puppet/modules and I'm getting a strange Dependency cycle error. the code in the manifest file:

# Run apt-get update when anything beneath /etc/apt/ changes
#taken from https://blog.kumina.nl/2010/11/puppet-tipstricks-running-apt-get-update-only-when-needed/
exec { "apt-get update":
command => "/usr/bin/apt-get update",
onlyif => "/bin/sh -c '[ ! -f /var/cache/apt/pkgcache.bin ] || /usr/bin/find /etc/apt/* -cnewer /var/cache/apt/pkgcache.bin | /bin/grep . > /dev/null'",

package {
    ["build-essential","apache2","git","python","python-dev","python-setuptools", "python-pip"]:
    ensure => present,
    require => Exec["apt-get update"],

class { 'apt':

include apt

apt::builddep { ["python-imaging","python-lxml"]:
    require => Class['apt'] 

class {'nodejs':

include nodejs

package {"less":
    ensure => present,
    provider => 'npm',
    require => Package['npm'],


I actually noticed similiar questions here and here, but not with a satisfying answer. The error message:

←[0;37mdebug: /Stage[main]//Package[python-virtualenv]/require: requires Package
←[0;37mdebug: /Stage[main]//Package[python-virtualenv]/require: requires Package
←[0;37mdebug: /Stage[main]/Apt/File[configure-apt-proxy]/notify: subscribes to E
←[0;37mdebug: /Stage[main]/Apt/Anchor[apt::update]/require: requires Class[Apt::
←[0;37mdebug: /Stage[main]/Apt/File[sources.list.d]/notify: subscribes to Exec[a
←[0;37mdebug: /Stage[main]//Package[python-pip]/require: requires Exec[apt-get u
←[0;37mdebug: /Stage[main]//Apt::Builddep[python-lxml]/Exec[apt-builddep-python-
lxml]/notify: subscribes to Exec[apt_update]←[0m
←[0;37mdebug: /Stage[main]//Package[apache2]/require: requires Exec[apt-get upda
←[0;37mdebug: /Stage[main]//Package[python-dev]/require: requires Exec[apt-get u
←[0;37mdebug: /Stage[main]/Nodejs/Package[npm]/require: requires Anchor[nodejs::
←[0;37mdebug: /Stage[main]/Nodejs/Package[nodejs]/require: requires Anchor[nodej
←[0;37mdebug: /Stage[main]//Package[python]/require: requires Exec[apt-get updat
←[0;37mdebug: /Stage[main]//Package[build-essential]/require: requires Exec[apt-
get update]←[0m
←[0;37mdebug: /Stage[main]//Apt::Builddep[python-imaging]/require: requires Clas
←[0;37mdebug: /Stage[main]//Package[git]/require: requires Exec[apt-get update]←
←[0;37mdebug: /Stage[main]//Package[less]/require: requires Package[npm]←[0m
←[0;37mdebug: /Stage[main]//Package[sphinx]/require: requires Package[python-pip
←[0;37mdebug: /Stage[main]//Apt::Builddep[python-imaging]/Anchor[apt::builddep::
python-imaging]/require: requires Class[Apt::Update]←[0m
←[0;37mdebug: /Stage[main]//Package[python-setuptools]/require: requires Exec[ap
t-get update]←[0m
←[0;37mdebug: /Stage[main]/Apt/File[sources.list]/notify: subscribes to Exec[apt
←[0;37mdebug: /Stage[main]//Apt::Builddep[python-imaging]/Exec[apt-builddep-pyth
on-imaging]/notify: subscribes to Exec[apt_update]←[0m
←[0;37mdebug: /Stage[main]//Apt::Builddep[python-lxml]/Anchor[apt::builddep::pyt
hon-lxml]/require: requires Class[Apt::Update]←[0m
←[0;37mdebug: /Stage[main]//Apt::Builddep[python-lxml]/require: requires Class[A
←[1;35merr: Could not apply complete catalog: Found 1 dependency cycle:
(Anchor[apt::update] => Class[Apt] => Apt::Builddep[python-lxml] => Exec[apt-bui
lddep-python-lxml] => Exec[apt_update] => Class[Apt::Update] => Anchor[apt::upda
Try the '--graph' option and opening the resulting '.dot' file in OmniGraffle or

any known workaound? solution?

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Your manifest is a little wonky.

  1. You define your own Exec["apt-get update"] although the apt module declares an apt_update you could use
  2. class { 'apt': } include apt is redundant. Avoid the class { } syntax unless you need to declare parameters.

Those are rather cosmetic issues. What may conceivably be breaking your dependencies is

apt::builddep { ["python-imaging","python-lxml"]:
    require => Class['apt'] 

That require doesn't seem to make sense, I propose you let the apt module take care of its own internal dependencies/ordering, then it should Just Work.

apt::builddep { ["python-imaging","python-lxml"]: }
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I hope you noticed this question is rather old... –  alonisser May 5 '14 at 17:43
Sure :-) but it wasn't closed or updated, so I figure some insights may yet be of help - if not to you then perhaps some future reader. –  Felix Frank May 5 '14 at 20:22

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