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When debugging shared library loaded with dlopen(), I found an interesting thing.The address returned by crypt() function when called from my library is 32 bits based; that is, when I try to see that address in debugger. it says that this is a bad address. Adding to this address a shift which is in my case 0xffffffff00000000 gives the correct result. Looking at the crypt sources it is clear that the string returned by crypt is a static char array, but it is not clear why the address is 32 bits based.

Thank you in advance to any ideas and help

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Did you #include <unistd.h> or #include <crypt.h> in your code so that it had the function prototype declaring crypt() as returning char *?

If you don't have a function prototype, C defaults to assuming functions return int, even if that's only 32-bits on a 64-bit machine, and this often breaks functions that return pointers (which work by accident on 32-bit systems where int is the same size as a pointer).

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