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I am extracting a page with Nokogiri which returns a Nokogiri::XML::NodeSet. From this, I would like to extract only the text from even nodes."h2 a").class #=> Nokogiri::XML::NodeSet"h2 a").count #=> returns 148

I am interested in 0,2,4,8, etc.:"h2 a")[0].text #=> the one I wanted."h2 a")[2].text #=> the one I wanted.
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Try the below :"h2 a").map.with_index(0) do |i,nd|
    i.text if nd.even?
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Maybe you want every even-positioned a node:"h2 a:nth-child(even)")

or perhaps you are looking for every other node over all:"h2 a").select.with_index{|a, i| i.even?}
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Why would I post it if it didn't work? – pguardiario Jul 12 '13 at 23:18

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