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I have a table in a partial _measures_findings_list.html.erb where I want to replace the table row with another partial, which I can reuse elsewhere. MeasuresFinding is a model, so I first created a partial _measures_finding.html.erb, and tried:

<% render @measures_findings %>

then I tried

<% @measures_findings.each do |measures_finding| %>
  <% render 'measures_finding', measures_finding: measures_finding %>  
<% end %>

Nothing. Then

<% @measures_findings.each do |measures_finding| %>
  <% render 'measures_finding/measures_finding', measures_finding: measures_finding %>  
<% end %>

What am I doing wrong? Putting the code of the partial into the each loop works of course.

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You miss '=', it should be

<%= render @measures_findings %>
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Thanks to both answers. That happens when you stare for too long at a piece of code: you'll miss the obvious. All hail stackoverflow, ghe next best thing to pair programming! –  Kostas Georgokitsos Jul 12 '13 at 15:53

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