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How can i match a expression in which first three characters are alphabets followed by a "-" and than 2 alphabets.

For eg. ABC-XY

Thanks in advance.

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That very sentence pretty much spells out the answer for you.... if you know regexes at all. –  Mark Nov 19 '09 at 6:33

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If you want only to test if the string matchs the pattern, use the test method:

function isValid(input) {
 return /^[A-Z]{3}-[A-Z]{2}$/.test(input);

isValid("ABC-XY"); // true
isValid("ABCD-XY"); // false

Basically the /^[A-Z]{3}-[A-Z]{2}$/ RegExp looks for:

  • The beginning of the string ^
  • Three uppercase letters [A-Z]{3}
  • A dash literally -
  • Two more uppercase letters [A-Z]{2}
  • And the end of the string $

If you want to match alphanumeric characters, you can use \w instead of [A-Z].


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if you also want to allow lowercase, change A-Z to A-Za-z.

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it will match A-Za-z_ though.

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