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I've got a list of things, of which some can also be functions. If it is a function I would like to execute it. For this I do a type-check. This normally works for other types, like str, int or float. But for a function it doesn't seem to work:

>>> def f():
...     pass
>>> type(f)
<type 'function'>
>>> if type(f) == function: print 'It is a function!!'
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
NameError: name 'function' is not defined

Does anybody know how I can check for a function type?

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You can also use try/except instead of checking for type. –  Paulo Almeida Jul 12 '13 at 11:02

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Don't check types, check actions. You don't actually care if it's a function (it might be a class instance with a __call__ method, for example) - you just care if it can be called. So use callable(f).

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import types

if type(f) == types.FunctionType: 
    print 'It is a function!!'
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Because function isn't a built-in type, a NameError is raised. If you want to check whether something is a function, use hasattr:

>>> hasattr(f, '__call__')

Or you can use isinstance():

>>> from collections import Callable
>>> isinstance(f, Callable)
>>> isinstance(map, Callable)
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or inspect.isfunction. –  Ashwini Chaudhary Jul 12 '13 at 10:25
isinstance is not good for isinstance(map, types.FunctionType) returns False. Builtin functions are different not to mention the callable class. –  zhangyangyu Jul 12 '13 at 10:33
@zhangyangyu For built-in functions, you can use inspect.isbuiltin –  TerryA Jul 12 '13 at 10:34
There is collections.Callable. It works for buitlin functions too: isinstance(map, collections.Callable) returns True –  stalk Jul 12 '13 at 10:35
@stalk Oh that's nice :) –  TerryA Jul 12 '13 at 10:37

collections.Callable can be used:

import collections

print isinstance(f, collections.Callable)
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And in new-ish Python 3 versions (I think it's 3.2+) callable is re-introduced as a shorthand for this. –  delnan Jul 12 '13 at 10:45

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