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I've got trac working with mylyn (in eclipse obviously) through xmlrpc. Yay for six hours of my life. I can attach and retrieve context to tasks in trac.

Question setup: I have a project checked out into two workspaces. In workspace 1, I activate a task, open some files, edit some stuff, commit the changes to svn, and attach the context to the task.

In workspace 2, I update from svn, retrieve the context of a task and activate it. The correct files show in the Package Explorer (on the left), but the files (which I left open in workspace 1) do not open automatically and the cursor isn't placed at the last edit point.

Is it possible to get trac working that way? I checked this test project out from svn into two different workspaces in the exact same way to test this functionality out - I read something about project names needing to be the same so I eliminated that variable. It seems as if the way it's working now is still pretty great, but it would be even better if I could get it that last step.

ps question: I didn't setup the postcommit hooks from svn to trac yet because it seems like all they do is update ticket status for you. Am I missing some other cool thing they can do, or maybe updating ticket status is a bigger deal than I think it is?

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Is this question unclear? Please let me know so I can reword it if it's bad, or leave a comment if you use it the way I'm describing. – Nathan Spears Nov 20 '09 at 20:18
FYI, this is from a few years ago. I just set up trac + mylyn with xmlrpc yesterday, and it took something like half an hour. Things have gotten better. – James Moore Oct 7 '12 at 18:35

The files should be reopened, but I believe Mylyn currently doesn't supports setting cursor position in any editors. You'll have to submit bug reports and enhancement requests back to the project. See

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