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How is it possible to select an html element that have two classes?

For example, how to select the element <p> bellow in an HTML document (given that it has two css classes) class='class1 class2'.

I tried to use the following:

  • doc.xpath("//p[@class~='class1 class2']")
  • doc.xpath("//p[@class~='class1']|[@class~='class2']")
  • doc.xpath("//p[@class~='class1',@class~='class2']")
  • doc.xpath("//p[contains(concat(' ', @class, ' '), ' class1 ') && contains(concat(' ',@class, ' '), ' class2 ')]")

but without success.

Thanks in advance

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Try //p[@class~='class1'][@class~='class2'], maybe. – jtbandes Nov 19 '09 at 6:48
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Finally I found the RIGHT way to search multiple css classes with nokogiri (libxml) :

doc.xpath('//p[contains(@class, "class1") and contains(@class, "class2")]')

It's not perfect, because if <p> contains classes such as class10 and class20 the element will be selected, but for now it's enough for what I need. If you have more suggestions they are welcome!


Here is a better solution to this problem using css only :


Thanks to Aaron Patterson :-)

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Just for others, when a class has just numbers (.2011), the .css selector doesn't work. .2011 is a valid class when parsing as css, you just have to do .\32 011 {} when defining the style. – Abe Petrillo Feb 28 '12 at 15:38

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