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I'm using Google maps V3 API . I've added a custom control on the Map. Its having a width of 350px and height 300px. When i open infoWindow on Map, custom control will overlap infoWindow.

is there any way to put infoWindow on top of the custom control?

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It will be very much helpful to answer if you would post the code snippet. –  sandeep Jul 12 '13 at 14:42

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Without some code in your question that demonstrates your issue, we're more or less just guessing at what your problem is.

Looking at the reference documentation for google.maps.MapPanes tells us that the InfoWindow lives within the top-most layer, but it's not clear what pane these google.maps.Map.controls fall under.

What you're trying to do may not be possible, by design. I'd say it was a purposeful decision by the Google Maps team to ensure that the map controls are never obscured.

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You have asked "is there any way to put infoWindow on top of the custom control?", If I understand your question correctly then you need to add z-index to your infowindow properties, to show it above/top of the customer control.

You can add the below code to achieve this.

var infowindow = new google.maps.InfoWindow({ 
        zIndex: 1000
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