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The W3C TAG published the Working Draft URLs in Data Primer last month. It specifies a solution for the httpRange-14 issue.

Now vocabularies should specify categories for their properties, i.e. if a property applies to the document or to an entity described by the document.

How should/could RDF vocabularies specify the categories for properties today?

It says that metaformats (→ RDF) should specify a default category for properties and schema languages (→ RDFS) "should include mechanisms for indicating the category of a property". But I guess it will take some time until those specifications are updated.

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Generally, I think that there is no such standardised method today, because right now you still need to differ between a thing and a document that holds a description of the thing. However, you may specify/create an owl:AnnotationProperty to indicate the type of a property in an RDF vocabulary.

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