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procedure P_names(  A OUT NOCOPY  A_Rec_Type
                     ,  B  OUT NOCOPY B_Tbl_Type);

In the above PL/SQL procedure how to pass values to the parameters A and B which are record type and table type parameters?

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PLEASE DON'T WRITE IN ALL UPPERCASE - it's considering SHOUTING and it's rude to your peers – marc_s Jul 12 '13 at 11:42

Because they are OUT parameters you need to call them with PL/SQL variables, like this:

    lrt_a A_Rec_Type;
    lrt_b B_Tbl_Type;
    p_names (lrt_a, lrt_b);

Internally you assign values to them like any other variable. Because these are record types the normal expectation is that you would populate them with a query:

    select * into a
    from table_a
    where rownum = 1;

    select * into b
    from table_b
    where rownum = 1;

Note that I used ROWNUM there. That's because record types accept a single row, so you need to restrict the query appropriately. If you want to accept multiple rows then you need to use a nested table type instead:

type a_recs_type is table of a_rec_type;
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use something like

a(i).field_name := <your value>

b.field_name := <your value> ;

where i is index in your table

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