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What's the best way to dispay leading zeros for number in wx.SpinCtrl?

I've created SpinCtrl:

self.MySpin = wx.SpinCtrl(self, min=1, max=100)

and i want that displaying 002, 003... 012 etc when i press up button in this spin

How I can do this?

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I don't think there is any way to do this, you'd need to use wxSpinButton bound to a wxTextCtrl manually.

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I don't believe it's supported by wxPython. You would have to roll your own widget or modify an existing one. I would look at FloatSpin since it is pure Python. It would be a lot easier to hack than wx.SpinCtrl since SpinCtrl is a wrapped C++ widget.

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For solving my problem i've changed widget wx.SpinCtrl to wx.SpinButton (as recommend user VZ. in this answer) and i've created new class LeadingSpinButton inherited from wx.SpinButton and add GetLeadingValue method, leading_width and leading_char attributes.

class LeadingSpinButton(wx.SpinButton):

    def __init__(self, parent, style, leading_width=0, leading_char='0'):
        wx.SpinButton.__init__(self, parent=parent, style=style)
        self.leading_width = leading_width
        self.leading_char = leading_char

    def GetLeadingValue(self):
        """GetLeadingValue(self) -> str"""
        value = str(self.GetValue())
        value = value.rjust(self.leading_width, self.leading_char)
        return value

How is my solution?

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