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I've installed VS2012 at home and would like to import all my work settings.

When I export my fonts and colors from my work station the .vsssettings file that is produced only has 5 or 6 items in it.

On my work station, I installed a Studio Styles color theme then tweaked it, so my work station is anything but the VS2012 defaults.

I suspect that installing a Studio Styles theme overrides the Visual Studio default values with new default values, and the Visual Studio export function only exports non-default values.

Question: Is there a way to export ALL my Visual Studio fonts & color settings?

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The .vssettings file is missing line breaks. So make sure you actually got that few settings saved, they actually might be all on one line. –  Hans Passant Jul 12 '13 at 13:43

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Go to Tools and select Import and Export Settings, then follow the wizard to export your settings.
In the Tree View deselect all the options except for All Settings -> Options -> Environment -> Fonts And Colors

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