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I want to use ArcGIS runtime sdk in eclipse (Juno version), I followed these steps:

  1. Install JDK (v1.6)
  2. Install Android SDK (v1.6)
  3. Install eclipse (Juno)
  4. Modify Settings for android ADT in (Help-install new software...)
  5. Download ArcGIS runtime SDK (zip file) and extract it, then modify settings in eclipse (help/install new software/add/ going to the directory that contain extracted zip file)

But when I want to create new "ArcGIS project for Android" this error occurred:

proguard.cfg does not exist in C:/Program Files(86)/Android/SDK/tools/lib/proguard.cfg

and when this project is created it doesn't contain and proguard.config. How I can solve this problem? Is it necessary to install ArcGIS server?

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When i installed ArcGIS Android sdk, i didnt extract the sdk file, just keep the zip file as it is, then go to add -> archive -> browse to your zip file. Link:

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