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This is not truly a YUI-related question.

I am trying to use YUI Compressor(in fact a .jar application) for multiple JS files. I would like to get those files automatically(as opposed to specifying every file's name in build.xml).

Here is my build.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<project name="CUIProject" default="prod">

<target name="-load.properties">
  <file file="minify.properties"/>

<!--Minify JS files-->
<target name="-js.minify">
<apply executable="java" parallel="false" dest="${build.dir}">
    <fileset dir="${src.dir}"/>
        <globmapper from="*.js" to="*-min.js" handledirsep="yes"/>
    <arg value="-jar"/>
    <arg path="${minifier.dir}"/>
    <arg value="-o"/>

<target name="prod"

The problem is that I get a FileNotFound exception because for some reason the <targetdir/> is somehow escaped: the \ separator from Windows is used as an escaping character, so my path because just one very large word.

How can I avoid such a behavior?

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I had the same issue with YUI. The easiest way I found is to use the Ant-Contrib <for> task.

<taskdef resource="net/sf/antcontrib/antlib.xml">
        <fileset dir="${antlib.dir}/antcontrib">
            <include name="*.jar"/>

<!-- Minimize Concatinated JavaScript Files -->
<for param="concat.dir">
    <dirset dir="${work.js.dir}">
        <include name="*"/>
        <echo message="[java] Minimized @{concat.dir}/concat-${build.id}-min.js>"/>
        <java jar="${yui.compressor.jar}"
            <arg value="-o"/>
            <arg value="@{concat.dir}/concat-${build.id}-min.js"/>
            <arg value="@{concat.dir}/concat-${build.id}.js"/>

Also take a look at the <pathconvert> task. This will convert the path separator from one OS to another. This may fix your issue. The File Mapper page in Ant's manual contains some examples using <pathconvert>.

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I have tried various things by now and I suspect that the YUI compressor does not automatically create the destination folders. Can this be the cause? –  Dragos Jul 12 '13 at 15:11
@Dragos Could very well be, and it's easy enough to fix. Just add in a <mkdir> task before the <java> task. Here I just happen to be using the same directory, but I can understand if you're using a different one. I can say that what I have here works because it's pretty much cut and pasted from my program. –  David W. Jul 12 '13 at 15:38

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