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I am currently a computer science student who has no web development experience whatsoever. I would really like to gain some experience in this area of computer science to make myself more marketable in the future; my university doesn't offer any web development courses, unfortunately.

What are some of the best languages to use for developing a small personal finance web application (Excluding.NET because I do not have a Windows machine)? I also will be using a MySQL database to store the data for the application.

I currently know Java, Python and C (which I know wouldn't be appropriate for web based apps).

Any suggestions and resources are helpful. Thanks!

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You can create web applications with Java and Phyton. Instead, for a begginer y suggest PHP. –  conca Jul 12 '13 at 13:41
Oops. I'm still fairly new to StackOverflow still and I didn't know that! I was under the impression the site was for most programming questions. Thanks, though. I will definitely take that into account in the future! –  JT9 Jul 12 '13 at 13:43
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PHP with MySQL database support, with some MVC/PHP framework (like CodeIgniter, Yii, Symfony 2 or Kohana) should fit you good for even larger scale web applications.

There are alot of PHP frameworks out on the internet which will speed up the development and give you easier maintaining and reusability of the code you write.

You can pump-up your Web application's User Interface with JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5... There are also alot of JavaScript frameworks like:

You might also want to check the: Bootstrap from Twitter :)

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