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Within a procedure I am creating a CSV file to send as an attachment using the SYS.UTL_MAIL.send_attach_varchar2 procedure. It all works except that, no matter what I try, the CSV file has a blank line at the top, above the column headings. I have tried changing the variable used to build the CSV file from CLOB to VARCHAR2 to LONG as well as sending through a single line of text; it looks fine before it is attached to the email. But when it has been sent, the attached file has the blank line at the top.

Has anyone come across this before and solved it? Please find below the code I have been testing this with.

Many thanks.

c_cr_lf        CONSTANT CHAR (2) := (CHR (13) || CHR (10)); -- Carriage Return/Line Feed characters for formatting text emails
v_loop_count            PLS_INTEGER := 0;
v_attachment            CLOB := 'ID,SURNAME,FORENAME,EMAIL'||c_cr_lf;-- column headings for CSV file

CURSOR stu_cur
    SELECT 'JS00000' AS LSE_ID,
           'SMITH' AS surname,
           'JOHN' AS forename,
           'j.smith@abc.abc'AS email
           from dual

Local Email procedure for send the list of students as a CSV attachment
PROCEDURE email_message (p_subject IN VARCHAR2, p_message IN VARCHAR2)


   SYS.UTL_MAIL.send_attach_varchar2 (
     sender          => 'from@lse.ac.uk',
     recipients      => 'to@lse.ac.uk',
     subject         => 'ID-Cards: ' 
                        || p_subject
                        || ' ('
                        || SYS_CONTEXT ('USERENV', 'SERVICE_NAME')
                        || ')'
     mime_type       => 'text/html',
     MESSAGE         => '<html>' || '<p>' || p_message || '</p>' || '</html>',
     attachment      => v_attachment,
     att_mime_type   => 'text/csv',
     att_filename    =>    'Update_STU_Card-'
                        || TO_CHAR (SYSDATE, 'YYYYMMDD')
                        || '.csv');
END email_message;

FOR stu_REC IN stu_cur
     v_attachment :=
        || stu_rec.lse_id
        || ','
        || stu_rec.surname
        || ','
        || stu_rec.forename
        || ','
        || stu_rec.email
        || c_cr_lf;
     v_loop_count := v_loop_count + 1;

email_message (
  'ROWS = ' || v_loop_count
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I can't see anything wrong in your code. Maybe it's a bug with UTL_MAIL, but I'd hesitate to jump to that conclusion. Try APEX_MAIL - it has similar capabilities, and might not exhibit the same problem. I use UTL_SMTP myself. –  Jeffrey Kemp Jul 23 '13 at 7:55
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