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I have 3 sites:
* http://www.example.com
* http://aaa.example.com
* http://bbb.example.com

I want www& aaa to be displayed in the same Google Analytics report.
I want bbb to be considered as a "referral source" for www and aaa.

Is it possible?

My guess:
* Use 2 different tracking codes
* Enable cross subdomains tracking for www and aaa via _gaq.push(['setDomainName','example.com'])

My only fear: I'm not sure if cross domain tracking on www and aaa will count visits to www from bbb as referrals (what I want) or direct (what I don't want).

What do you think?


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I'd make this a comment not an answer, but I don't have 50 reputation points yet

I don't know if this is doable, have you tried asking on the GA product forum?

You should be able to filter out the traffic from a given subdomain(s) using profile filters; perhaps you could also emulate referrals using filters? Might be worth a look into it

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