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I'm trying to achieve a socket server on Ruby with multiply rooms, where people can send chat messages to each other, for example.

The code is pretty simple: Main file:

require 'room'  
require 'socket'
room =

### handle connections
server =   # Socket to listen on port 2000
puts 'Open socket at 2000 port'
loop {                          # Servers run forever
  room.handle_player server.accept


require 'player'
class Room
  @players = []

  attr_accessor :players

  def initialize


  def handle_player(connection)
    puts ' New client connected!'
    Thread.start(connection, self) do |client, room|
      player = connection, room
      @players.push player

  def broadcast(message)
    puts "Players is #{@players.class}" #NilClass !


class Player
  def initialize(connection, room)
    @room = room
    while line = connection.gets
      puts 'got line ' + line
      room.broadcast line

The problem is that when I call Room#broadcast from a player – it tells me that @players is nil, but it isn't! How that can be? I'm not sure I'm doing everything correct (my feelings tell me that player should not have direct link to room), but it simplifies the example.

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This has nothing to do with threads.

You should put that initialization @players = [] into the initialize of Room.

The way you have it, you do not initialize an instance variable of your object but an instance variable of the class Room.

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@@players would be a class variable, @players is the instance variable that belongs to Room object. – Marek Lipka Jul 12 '13 at 15:15
You are right, fixed that. Thank you. – undur_gongor Jul 12 '13 at 15:17
Oh, man... I believe that I was wrong somewhere else :) Thank you! – chocking_u Jul 12 '13 at 15:25

You set @players as a Room's class instance variable.

Instead of this, you should put this in your initialize method:

def initialize
  @players = []
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