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I am sending a Camel exchange to activeMQ. Looks essentially like this:

public enum MyEnum {

// Elsewhere, my route
from( INPUT_URI )
     .setHeader( "someHeader", constant( MyEnum.ENUM_VALUE ))
     .to( "activemq:queue:my.destination" );

Everything else is fine. Other String-valued headers I've sent go through fine.

On the receiving side (also Camel), it does not have "someHeader" at all.

Does Camel/ActiveMQ handle enum values in headers, or does it reject them silently?

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The JMS spec. has requirements of which Java types JMS headers (aka JMS properties) is supported.

There is some details at section Message format when sending : and from the JMS spec you can see from the JMS javadoc at:

According to the spec enums is not supported.

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I have adapted our routes accordingly to use anEnum.toString() and MyEnum.valueOf() to transport the enums. Thank you for the response! – cmonkey Jul 15 '13 at 14:32

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