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When watching a growing log file with e.g. "less -iS +F service.log" I want to limit the display to lines matching a certain pattern.

I tried something like

less +F service.log | grep <pattern> | less +F

which doesn't work. Also

cat < service.log | grep <pattern> | less +F

doesn't do what I want. It looks like the input is already closed and less doesn't show changes.

How can I limit the display to lines matching a certain pattern?

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tail -f service.log | grep <pattern>
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Thanks for pondering my question though this is not exactly what I want. I want to have "less" functionality, i.e. scrolling, searching, hightlighting within the resulting output. Something like "tail -f service.log | grep <pattern> | less +F" which unfortunalely doesn't do it. – axelrose Nov 19 '09 at 11:28

The solution seemed simply

LESSOPEN='|grep <pattern> %s' less +F service.log

but less doesn't continue to read new lines from the growing log file.

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If you don't mind spawning and tearing down a couple of processes each line, use a read while loop

tail -f filename.log|while read line; do echo $line | grep pattern; done
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I haven't yet worked out how to do this without a temp file, but here is a script that demonstrates a functional grep-filtered less +F (which cleans up its temp file). I call it lessf.

One of the key elements is the --line-buffered argument to grep that permits tail output to continue to flow through the pipeline (the unbuffer command provided by expect provides similar functionality for any program).

[ ! -d $TEMP_DIR ] && mkdir $TEMP_DIR
trap 'rm -rf "$TEMP_DIR"; exit' INT TERM EXIT
( tail -f "$LOGFILE" | grep --line-buffered $PATTERN ) > "$TEMP_FILE" | less +F "$TEMP_FILE"

Example usage:

lessf /var/log/system.log foobar

lessf /var/log/system.log -v nobar

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