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Is there a way to have a znode auto expire and delete (under Zookeeper control) after some length of time? I don't need to keep a znode around after that point. I want to conserve resources.

If your answer is "no, your application has to handle that", would you kindly point me to some documentation that makes that clear? (Right now, I suspect this may be the case, but I don't want to assume it too quickly.)

If the answer is "not currently, but Zookeeper could be extended to do that", then I would be especially thankful to a suggestion of a good starting point for making such an enhancement.

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According to Patrick on The Zookeeper Mailing List: ZNODE time to live:

There is no TTL like feature in the current implementation.

That was 26 Apr 2012, which would correspond to version 3.3.5 according to the list of Apache ZooKeeper Releases.

I skimmed the release notes for 3.3.6, 3.4.4, and 3.4.5 and found no mention of "TTL" or "time to live" or anything along those lines.

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