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I have a group named "www" (GID=997), which has users mydata, adb and root.

If I use $groups mydata or $groups adb, it shows mydata : www. Also in /etc/passwd file, I can see mydata:x:2001:997: and adb:x:2003:997:.

But in /etc/group file, it show www:!:997:root.

First, I don't understand why this www group only shows the user root, not followed by other users in this group. I think in the group file there should be something like www:!:997:root,mydata,adb

Second, what does "!" means here. I know that if it shows x (www:x:997:...) then it means the group has a password. But I can't find out the explanation for "!" .

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Each user has one primary group, and can have multiple secondary groups.

The primary group is the one whichs group id is in the passwd file, in the group file you have the information to which secondary groups the user belongs. It would be possible to add the user's primary group to it's seccondary groups, but that's redundant.

The ! in the groups file is used to indicate that the group has no password set for grouplogin. You can find that informatoin in the manpage for gshadow, as it is more common to have an x in the password field in the groups file, indicating that the password information should be taken from /etc/gshadow instead.

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