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I use SideraX https://github.com/SideraX/node-facebook-chat module for my chat system at http://starvibes.com.

node-facebook-chat module uses node-xmpp module for communication with facebook server over xmpp protocol.

There are nicely implemented event handling for some basic events like user presence (user goes offline/online), message receiving, message sent, roster and retrieving friend vcard.

System on my web site works fine when user chat strictly through my web site chat system. Messages are displayed to other user inside my web site on his side and in the facebook web site if it's open.

The problem is if user who send message decide to send some messages over my chat system (on my site) and then some messages over chat system on facebook web site. Those messages sent over facebook web site I don't display in chat window on my web site for that user.

Is it possible to detect facebook site message sending when client/user is connected to facebook chat server (with node-facebook-chat and node-xmpp)?

One thing that I can do is to ping facebook recently through open graph api to check is there a new messages in inbox, but I don't like that solution.

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