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I want to start using Java 8 with Eclipse but I don't know how to install it - I can't find any tutorials on it. I am using Eclipse Kepler and have added a JRE for JDK 8 to the IDE but it won't let me continue to create the project because of a compliance problem with the JRE versions. How can I use Java 8 with the Eclipse Kepler IDE?

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See here stackoverflow.com/questions/15027255/eclipse-java-8-support . Without wanting to sound harsh, working with betas (both jdk and ide) is not for the faint of heart, if it's "just to have a look" you'd better wait. –  fvu Jul 12 '13 at 16:42
February 2014: Updated instructions below. –  VonC Feb 7 at 9:40

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Have a look at this bug report from time to time for progress on Java 8 in Eclipse's JDT.

EDIT: For Kepler you need SR2 (4.3.2) and the Java 8 feature patch. Starting with I20140318-0830 all Luna (4.4) builds contain support for Java 8 "out-of-the-box". The final version of Eclipse Luna (4.4) will be released at the end of June 2014.

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To use it with WTP (web development), you need to install the patch from download.eclipse.org/webtools/patches/drops/R3.5.2/… to add the Java Facet version 1.8 (see bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=430637) –  ruediste Mar 30 at 16:15
Kepler+patch or Luna is better for Java 8 developer now? –  okwap Apr 23 at 14:41
If you fail to install the patch (calculating alternative solutions) notice the radio buttons - select the one that says you want to modify the installation - you will see what needs to be uninstalled - proceed at your discretion –  Mr_and_Mrs_D May 1 at 11:13
Sigh. This doesn't work. "Will not be installed...Eclipse JDT...Patch with Java 8 support (for Kepler SR2)". I am Kepler SR2. Grrrr. –  Bob Kuhar May 16 at 5:03

Now, after Java 8 is released, there is a feature patch, but only for Kepler SR2 (4.3.2). Installation via

Help > Install New Software... > 'Work with': http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/updates/4.3-P-builds/

see Tutorial Installing Java 8 on Eclipse Kepler

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Note that link-only answers are discouraged, SO answers should be the end-point of a search for a solution (vs. yet another stopover of references, which tend to get stale over time). Please consider adding a stand-alone synopsis here, keeping the link as a reference. –  kleopatra Mar 19 at 9:59
Followed those steps however it "can't perform the operation" and computes alternate solutions (15) giving the message "Eclipse PDE (Plug-in Development Environment) Patch with Java 8 support (for Kepler SR2)" is not applicable to the current configuration and will not be installed" But there is no problem with "Eclipse JDT". I AM using Eclipse KEPLER 4.3.2 –  reubenjohn Apr 1 at 15:42
@reubenjohn Your Eclipse probably doesn't have PDE installed, so it can't be patched. Since you don't already have it, you probably don't need it, so just uncheck PDE, select only the JDT patch and it will install fine. –  miles82 Apr 24 at 15:21

Early access builds of Eclipse with Java 8 support are available. Installation instruction can be found here.

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Answers that rely mostly on links are discouraged. –  James Jenkins Nov 8 '13 at 11:57

Wayne Beaton (Director of Open Source Projects at the Eclipse Foundation) just published (February 2014) an article on "Building and Running Java 8 Support" (with Eclipse Luna 4.4Mx).

It includes:

For Eclipse Kepler 4.3+, leeor mentions in the comments:

As of Feb 21st, you can install the beta 8 JDT via "install new software..." in Eclipse (I use Kepler) here: JDT/Eclipse Java 8 Support (BETA)

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As of Feb 21st, you can install the beta 8 JDT via "install new software.." in eclipse (I use kepler) here –  leeor Mar 6 at 3:31
@leeor Great. I have included your comment in the answer for more visibility. –  VonC Mar 6 at 6:45
The update site made installation easy for me. However, the Java 8 compiler in elclipse is producing stack overflows consistently once I change all my projects to build with Java 8. –  Scott Carey Mar 12 at 22:27

I am assuming that you have installed Java 8, JRE 8 and configured them (setting class paths etc.). Follow the steps. Go to Help->Eclipse market place In the search box type "java 8 kepler" The first link that appears is Java 8 support for Kepler SR2 select it and install it. It will take a few minutes. You may need to restart Eclipse after completion.

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The problem is that the version of Kepler your using might not have the support for Java8. You can either install the Java8 Patch from market place if your using SR2 version


You can directly download Eclipse Kepler SR2 from here, which comes with default support for Java8

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