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Can anyone give me the right direction for this, as I am not able to find the declaration of EPERM in either pthread.h or errno.h (on openSUSE Linux). I found this in asm-generic/errno-base.h but is this the right one? Why its not in errno.h? Thanks

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It's the right one. And it's in errno.h, though through a long chain of includes. For example on my linux development box errno.h includes bits/errno.h which includes linux/errno.h which includes asm/errno.h which includes a specific version of asm-*/errno.h, e.g. asm-i386/errno.h, which includes asm-generic/errno.h containing the #define for EPERM.

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Thanks for providing the info. – raj_arni Nov 20 '09 at 2:39

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