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I have a kendo dropdownlist mixed with knockout

<div><input data-bind="kendoDropDownList: TransactionCards" /></div>

var TransactionCards = {
    dataTextField: 'Card.Number',
    dataValueField: 'Card.FundingId',
    value: transactionId

How can I get the full object within transactionId? Right now i receive the fundingId which i understand, but I have a new piece which requires knowing more about the selected item. How can I get the full object as the value?

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if you don't specify dataValueField the select object will be assigned to the value object

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Found that the current KendoDropDownList does not support having a complex object as a data value. This post has a proper link to a way to solve the problem by using an additional ko.computed.

Set the binding of a dropdown in knockout to an object

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