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When I use the command

git clone git clone git@github.com:[my_org]/[my_repo].git

It comes down as my_repo/

I'd just like to pull the contents of the repo without pulling down the repo name as a folder.

Is this possible?

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This will clone into the current location that the command is being run (".") Alternatively you can provide your own directory name.

git clone git@github.com:my_org/my_repo.git .

git clone git@github.com:my_org/my_repo.git path/to/myOwnDirName

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Well, it always needs to go someplace, but you can specify your own directory name. Per the documentation, the directory you specify can exist only if it is empty.

Here is sample command line to clone into directory name you choose:

git glone git@github.com:[my_org]/[my_repo].git path_to_directory
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