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How to check if an xml node has children in python with minidom?

I'm writing an recursive function to remove all attributes in an xml file and I need to check if an node has child nodes before calling the same function again.

What I've tried: I tried to use node.childNodes.length, but didn't have much luck. Any other suggestions?


My Code:

    def removeAllAttributes(dom):
        for node in dom.childNodes:
            if node.attributes:
                for key in node.attributes.keys():
            if node.childNodes.length > 1:
                node = removeAllAttributes(dom)
        return dom

Error code: RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded

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You are in an infinite loop. Here is your problem line:

            node = removeAllAttributes(dom)

I think you mean

            node = removeAllAttributes(node)
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Good call! That fixed it! I would up vote your answer but i don't have enough rep :) –  Hank Liu Jul 12 '13 at 19:41

You could try hasChildNodes() - although if inspecting the childNodes attribute directly isn't working you may have other problems.

On a guess, your processing is being thrown off because your element has no element children, but does have text children or something. You can check for that this way:

def removeAllAttributes(element):
    for attribute_name in element.attributes.keys():
    for child_node in element.childNodes:
        if child_node.nodeType == xml.dom.minidom.ELEMENT_NODE:
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Just tried that, I got the same error code: RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded –  Hank Liu Jul 12 '13 at 19:19
Yeah, you need to inspect the type of the child nodes. See the edited version. –  Peter DeGlopper Jul 12 '13 at 19:23

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