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I've recently started using Apache Camel in one of my Spring projects. One of the annoyances with this framework has been the inability to use Spring Tool Suite / Eclipse's click through menu to jump straight from my Camel route to the method being called via a .beanRef('bean', 'method') code. I understand that it doesn't popup the option in Eclipse because the beanRef is using String's to determine what to call, but I was looking online for something that would allow that functionality specifically for Camel projects.

Does anyone know of an Eclipse (or STS) plugin that will allow me to Cmd+Click or Ctrl+Click into a method from the Camel route when I'm doing research or performing a code review for another member on the team?

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There is Fuse IDE which is a Camel editor for Eclipse:

Though I don't think we have added support for clicking on a beanRef, method, and other Camel tags which can refer to spring beans. Its a good idea, so I have logged a ticket: about this idea.

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Thanks for the info, I did try out the Fuse IDE while researching this, so I will definitely keep an eye on the ticket. – Kyle Jul 16 '13 at 14:53

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