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Are there any tools for Clojure that are similar to Ruby's or metric_fu? Something which does automated code review to produce quality metrics.

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I'm not aware of tools such as the metric_fu or you mentioned for Clojure.

However, there is kibit which is "a static code analyzer for Clojure which uses core.logic to search for patterns of code for which there might exist a more idiomatic function or macro".

Also, if you are using Leiningen for Clojure development, there are a rich number of plug-ins, some of which relate to code-quality or code visualization and introspection: for example, lein-bikeshed, lein-vanity, and lein-clique.

In addition, if you develop on Eclipse with the CounterClockwise, you may try some of the Java code metric plug-ins to see if they can give you any useful reports for Clojure (note: this may be limited to lines of code if anything). Here is a recent post on Eclipse plugins for the Juno version of Eclipse related to code metrics.

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