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I have a pandas.DataFrame which contains numpy.nan floats. When using the Excel writer however, the fields where there should be numpy.nan floats are blank. I would expected at least a string representation instead of nothing.

Any thoughts on why this might be?

Writer code is as follows:

frame.to_excel(writer,'tab name')

Where frame looks something like this (note the NaN on 2013-01-1):

        Series ID Risk Bucket   Contract  PX Last  Contract Value (Local)  Currency X  Contract Value (USD)    Currency
2013-01-01  Future_ES          EQ  ES1 Index      NaN                     NaN           1                   NaN  USD Curncy
2013-01-02  Future_ES          EQ  ES1 Index  1447.16                 72362.5           1               72362.5  USD Curncy
2013-01-03  Future_ES          EQ  ES1 Index  1443.68                 72187.5           1               72187.5  USD Curncy
2013-01-04  Future_ES          EQ  ES1 Index  1447.90                 72400.0           1               72400.0  USD Curncy

But the Excel file has blanks (see attached image).

enter image description here

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From the documentation, you should set the option na_rep in to_excel with a string of your liking. E.g.:

frame.to_excel(writer,'tab name', na_rep='NA')
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Strange, I'm using 0.9.1 which does not have that feature documented nor could I exactly pin point it in the source (Github) however it works, thanks. – strimp099 Jul 12 '13 at 20:38
@strimp099 it's in the codebase here and in the 0.9.1 docs here (though recommend updating to latest stable). – Andy Hayden Jul 12 '13 at 21:00
@AndyHayden ahh indeed, thanks. – strimp099 Jul 15 '13 at 0:09

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