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I am trying to modify Brett Terpstra's handy QuickQuestion script for my Linux machine. What would be Ack's equivalent to the following mdfind commands:

mdfind -onlyin "$NOTESDIR" "filename:.$NOTESEXT AND filename:\"$NOTESPRE\" AND ${INPUT%\?}"
echo "`mdfind -onlyin \"$NOTESDIR\" -interpret \"filename:.$NOTESEXT AND filename:$NOTESPRE AND ${INPUT%\?}\"`"

I can't seem to get the AND part right. I understand that one has to use parentheses since Ack is Perl. But for example (?="$NOTESPRE")(?="$INPUT") gave errors.

Furthermore, I am not sure what to do with the -interpret switch on the second line.

Puzzled with such a simple query... Thanks for any help!

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