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I've been looking here and was wondering whether you can add locals to the shorthand notation for rendering collections of partials?

<% for contact in @contacts %>
  <%= render contact, locals: {my_bool: true, project: @project} %>
<% end %>


<%= render @contacts, locals: {my_bool: true, project: @project} %>

appear to work, is there a way to allow this to work or will these partials not accept arguments like this for additional locals?

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Correct syntax is,

 <%= render @contacts, my_bool: true, project: @project %>
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I can't test it right now, but I think you need to specify that you are rendering a partial for locals to be accepted:

<%= render partial: 'contact', locals: {my_bool: true, project: @project} %>

By the way, @project being an instance variable will be accessible from the partial, so it's kind of redundant to use it here. my_bool will be accessible as a regular variable, not an instance one, keep that in mind.

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yep, you're right, I just like being explicit as I find it makes maintaining the code easier (although now that you say that it is at the cost of one variable creation and I am against doing things unneccessarily). – Mike H-R Jul 14 '13 at 1:37

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