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I wrote a web service and hosted it on Local IIS. I clicked Create Virtual Directory: Project URL (my local IP address is I get an error:

Unable to create the virtual direcotry. Could not find the server ' on the local mashine. Creating a virtual direcotry is only supported on the local IIS server.

What do I need to do to solve this?

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Unfortunately your request is quite a large request- You have a few issues you need to overcome in order to successfully accomplish your task.

The Problems:

  • Permissions
  • Ensure Site is configured correctly within IIS.
  • Ensure you've configured a valid Application Pool within IIS.

You see these are going to be your largest hurdles; mostly because in order for your site to function correctly it will have to allow the Network Service account to perform functionality-

Hopefully this starts to gauge your complexity a bit-

Without code it will be difficult to see why this error has occurred. However, based on your listed IP Address that isn't your actual address. You see your machine is connected to a Router which knows which machine made the given request-

Which means your real IP could be: but the Router has assigned you an IP of So you'd want to target your Wide Area Network and ensure that your local machine will accept the request when it goes through your port.

If your actually testing this on a local machine, the most simplistic thing you could do would be to use the localhost address- This will utilize the Network Interface Cards built in loopback address Which may alleviate your issue within your test environment.

Without more detail it will be quite difficult to correctly answer you.

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I think that I have problem with IIS Service. If I re-installed my IIS local server, run again and in my browser go localhost, I get error: Not Found HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found. –  f1221038 Jul 13 '13 at 10:55
You still have to make sure that any request, are bound to your default application pool and default site to utilize the localhost. –  Greg Jul 13 '13 at 14:09
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