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I need to show pairs of strings on the screen, one after the other. In each pair, the first string should be displayed for exactly 100 ms, and the second for exactly 200ms. This is my code:

            // in each iteration "string 1" will be displayed for 100ms and "string 2" for 200ms

            // preparing "string 1" ("string 2" is now being displayed)

            canvas = sfHolder.lockCanvas();
            canvas.drawText("string 1",x,y,paint);

            // sleeping 200ms - time since last unlock. 

            LockSupport.parkNanos((200 * 1000000)
                    - (System.nanoTime() - lastUnlock));

            lastUnlock = System.nanoTime();

            // now, "string 1" is visible

            // preparing string 2

            canvas = sfHolder.lockCanvas();
            canvas.drawText("string 2",x,y,paint);

            // sleeping 100ms - time since last unlock. 

            LockSupport.parkNanos((100 * 1000000)
                    - (System.nanoTime() - lastUnlock));

            lastUnlock = System.nanoTime();

            // now, "string 2 " is visible  

I call parkNanos() between lockCanvas() and unlockCanvasAndPost() because I have to get a high timing accuracy, and lockCanvas() takes a variable amount of ms of execution.

Am I doing well or there is a better way to do this?

I hope I've explained that clearly.

Thank you!

Note: I've used parkNanos() because it has a higher accuracy than sleep().

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