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I'm about to finish my game, but I ran into an error:

attempt to compare nil with number game2.lua 444

I don't have a clue on how to fix this, and I've tried quite everything, with no success. I think the function scrollSpace is causing this, because sometimes the background would scroll at an uncontrollable speed. Here is my code:

function scrollSpace(self,event)
    if self.x  < -900 then
        self.x = 800
        self.x = self.x - self.speed

This controls how the stuff scroll across the screen. If you guys what more code, just reply, and I'll be happy to add the requested source. One last thing: does anyone know what the following error means:

attempt to compare nil with number

this is my file code:

  coin01 = display.newImage("coin02.png")
  coin01.y = 100
  coin01.x = 500
  coin01.speed = math.random(2,6)
  coin01.initY = mine1.y
  coin01.amp   = math.random(20,100)
  coin01.angle = math.random(1,360) 

 physics.addBody(coin01, "static", {density=.1,bounce=0.1, friction=.2,radius=12})
 end  -- end of create scene
**print "passed"

 function scrollSpace(self,event)
 if self.x  < -900 then
  self.x = 800
self.x = self.x - self.speed
function scene:enterScene(event)

coin01.enterFrame = coins
Runtime:addEventListener ("enterFrame",coin01)  
  function scene:exitScene(event)
 ***storyboard . purgeScene ("start")
 story board . purgeScene ("restart")***
  Runtime:removeEventListener ("enterFrame",coin01)


   function scene:destroyScene(event)



return scene
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possible duplicate of Attempt to compare nil with number – iagreen Jul 13 '13 at 2:04

Apperantly self.x is a nil value.. If you remove it somewhere and then listener is called in the same time, there wont be any self.x value.

You should post every line where you change/create self object. And also listener

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hey guys people who are getting this error using story Board you just need to put storyboard . purgeScene ("start") story board . purgeScene ("restart") in the enter scene event hope this help people out – user2566626 Jul 14 '13 at 22:04

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