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I am working on a project that use multi-class SVM classifier, i check some of the tools that perform multi classification using SVM, in these tools i need to insert training data and RBF parameters. can i add some constraints to the SVM like i want all the members of the class to meet some criteria. e.g. if i want to classify cars i want the price of all cars in class x < 500000. is this possible? and if you know any place to start with to add conditions to SVM i will appreciate this.

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SVM models do not allow any constraints like what you describe. Kernel methods are entirely based on a measure of distance, without rules or input constraints.

If you want such constraints you should consider decision trees/random forests and similar aproaches.

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thnx for answering my question, but is there a method to convert any linear programming problem to SVM? –  MAJ Jul 16 '13 at 10:18
No. Because, like I said, SVM do not allow input constraints of any form. If you write your own solver/use standard QP solvers you could make some formulation which allows that, but it will not be an SVM. –  Marc Claesen Jul 16 '13 at 11:11

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