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How does one set the label of a checkbox? I looked at some sites and they are using lambda expressions, but I can't understand them. I am new to MVC.

   bool chkVal = false;  
<li>@Html.CheckBox("chksumma",chkVal,new {@value = "5"})</li>
<li>@Html.LabelFor(, "");
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I'll explain it to you if you post the code for your Model here. – ataravati Jul 13 '13 at 2:09

If you are using a Model you could do:

<li>@Html.CheckBoxFor(f=> f.chksumma)</li>
<li>@Html.LabelFor(f=> f.chksumma)</li>

Then use the attributes TGH pointed out

otherwise if you don't have a model all you can do for labels is:


which prints a standalone label or and craft it if you want it to link with the item

<label for="chksumma">LAbelText</label>

If you really don't want to hand craft it you can write your own HTML helper as explained here

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I'm assuming that you want the label to tick the checkbox when you click on it.

In this case, the for attribute of the HTML <label> field must point to the ID of the relevant input element.

If you're using a model, @Html.CheckBoxFor will generate a checkbox without an ID, so you will need to add an ID to the checkbox, then point your label to the same ID. The easiest way is to replicate the checkbox's name into its ID field using the @Html.NameFor helper method. Here's an example:

@Html.CheckBoxFor(x => x.Active, new {id=Html.NameFor(x => x.Active)})
<label for="@Html.NameFor(x => x.Active)">Active</label>

Generated HTML (without validation attributes):

<input id="[0].Active" name="[0].Active" type="checkbox" value="true" />
<input name="[0].Active" type="hidden" value="false" />
<label for="[0].Active">Active</label>
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You shouldn't need the <label> tag at all:

<div class="block mTop20">
  @HtmlCheckboxFor(f => f.prop)
  ``@Html.LabelFor(f=>f.prop,"This is the label text")"
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