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Please suggest to me a website to learn Java GUI creation.

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@Jazz, requires that Rover12 knows that Java-slang for GUI is "Swing". – Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen Nov 19 '09 at 11:38

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I'd go with Java Swing Tutorial. This should introduce you to some easy examples of GUIs and give you some cool widgets to place with.

Also, if you're looking into buying books, I know that the Head First book series do a very good Java Book which is what I first read to introduce me to it. It has a very good GUI section where you make a music player. Very well written, and in some parts humorous book. Worth the money, I'd say!

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The Java Tutorials are a quite good resource to learn.

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Might downvoters leave a comment as for the why? – Joey Nov 19 '09 at 12:18

I'd suggest the official Java Tutorial:

Note that this is a rather large area and may be hard to learn properly. Don't be discouraged :)

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A whole range of tutorials submitted by users, very nice.

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I like MIGLayout to layout (duh) my apps. But you should probably start with some basics as others already pointed out.

btw: I admit there are times when an imperative is good. But now and then a "please" is the way to go...

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Netbeans is a good place for beginners.

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Try IntelliJ IDEA. It's a GUI designer that can generate code.

But before you do that, read what AWT and Swing are, what is lightweight/heavyweight, paint/update/repaint and how layouts work.

Good luck!

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