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Hi I want to use google graph to plot graph in android webview. I am calling a web service to get the data. I just need to pass those data to javascript to plot the graph. Here is the data that using by google graph api.

 var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([
          ['Frequency', 'HVAC', 'Lighting', 'Overall', 'Cost'],

and graph options like

var options = {
          title : 'Monthly Coffee Production by Country',
          vAxis: {title: "Cups"},
          hAxis: {title: "Month"},
          seriesType: "bars",
          isStacked: true,
          series: {3: {type: "line"}}


I think this is a javascript array. I need to pass the data to javascript. Can I pass this kind of array from an android context to javascript?

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You can only pass strings via webview.loadUrl("javascript:myfunction(arg1, ..)") to the webview, but the string can also contain JSON data. Inside the javascript function i.e. myfunction you call JSON.parse(arg1) to convert the string back to a javascript object.

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