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I'm using Capybara with RSpec to check my Rails project.

I'm testing errors when form fields are not correctly filled. Here is the form (using haml):

= form_tag '/objects', :class => 'objects-form' do
        %li= select_tag 'object', options_for_select([['Select an object', ''], ['Car', 'CAR'], ['Keys', 'KEYS'], ['Ambrella', 'AMBRELLA']]), :id => 'select-object'
        %li= text_field_tag :quantity, nil
        %li= submit_tag 'Buy', :id => 'object-submit'

When an error occurs (in this case, not choosing an object but only a quantity), a flash message is displayed (with a .flash-error class name):

- flash.each do |type, msg|
    = content_tag :div, msg, :class => "flash-#{type}", :id => 'flash-msg'

So, here is my Capybara test:

it 'Should return error when no object selected' do
    within 'form.objects-form' do
        fill_in 'quantity', :with => '1'
        click_button 'object-submit'
        current_path.should == objects_path
        page.should have_css 'div.flash-error'

But I get the following Capybara error:

Failure/Error: page.should have_css 'div.flash-error'
   expected #has_css?("div.flash-error") to return true, got false

The opened page (using save_and_open_page) shows the error message with the appropriate div:


I'm using the latest version of Capybara (since many similar problems on Stackoverflow are relative to old versions of Capybara) using gem 'capybara', :git => ''

Any idea? Thank in advance.


Corrected typing mistake on Capybara code, as detected by Alex.

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The problem is your selector you are using in capybara is div#flash-error but your div is div#flash-msg.flash-error or more simply div.flash-error.

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Thanks for your reply Alex, but it was a typing mistake. As you can see in Capybara response, it was correctly expecting div.flash-error (corrected on Edit). – htaidirt Jul 13 '13 at 7:10

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