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I'm working with Armadillo library in C++ and have a matrix-A. How do I acquire a 0/1 matrix-B where B_{ij} = 1 iff. A_{ij}>0?

I really can't afford writing a for loop in my program 'cause it's inside four layers of such.

Thank you!!

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The armadillo library would most likely implement such a function as a loop (hopefully vectorizing at least parts of it). If you cant find that function in Armadillo, I don't think you'll be much worse off if you implement it with loops yourself. – PureW Jul 13 '13 at 10:12
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This is accomplished via Armadillo's relational operators:

 mat A = randu<mat>(5,5) - 0.5;

umat B = (A > 0);

Note that B has the type "umat" instead of "mat". The former contains unsigned integer elements.

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