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My reference for the app is this link . It uses video brush to render the preview. The guy talks about giving mirror experience for front camera but doesnt explain how. Please help, I a stuck on this for a week now.

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You can use a Scale Transform to flip the video brush. Below is an example of flipping a Grid horizontally (what you'd need for a mirror).

        <CompositeTransform ScaleX="-1"/>
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Render transform is not available for video brush , Is there a way to flip capture sequence?? – bdubey Jul 13 '13 at 10:07
The video brush won't have a render transform, but the video brush is being used as the background for the Canvas in the example. You can transform the Canvas. – Nigel Sampson Jul 14 '13 at 10:49
I am facing the same problem. Yes, its perfect Mr. Nigel Sampson, that the grid will flip horizontally, but what about the VideoBrush the image streaming should be flip. Any idea about that.... As there is also ScaleTransform but its not working .... how to do this. plz. – Zia Ur Rahman Apr 15 '15 at 8:50
            <VideoBrush x:Name="videoRecorderBrush" AlignmentX="Left" AlignmentY="Top" Stretch="UniformToFill">
                    <CompositeTransform x:Name="viewfinderTransform" ScaleX="1"
                                        CenterX="0.5" CenterY="0.5"/>

When using front camera change ScaleX = -1 and mirror image problem is solved. However the actual video being recorded is still mirror image. Couldn't find any solution to that :(

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