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what is the best way to apply a template according to a variable in xslt? the variable will change through a java script code. i have read about the function in xslt v 2.0 but the answer was not explained very well and it didn't match my requires.
i've tried the next:
i've created a global variable

<xsl:variable name="module" select='"C"' />

then applied it like this

<xsl:apply-templates select='module[@name="$module"]/categorys' />

then matched it like this

<xsl:template match='module[@name="C"]/categorys'>

but nothing displayed.

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If you have a variable of type string and you want to compare it then reference it with $varname but don't put it inside of string literal delimiters.

So use

<xsl:apply-templates select="module[@name = $module]/categorys"/>

to apply templates to the categorys child elements of those module elements where the name attribute has the value C.

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