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I need to add rel="nofollow" to all external links (not leading to my site or its subdomains).

I have done this in two steps, at first I add rel="nofollow" to all links (even internal links) using the following regular expression:

<a href="http([s]?)://(.*?)"

Then in the second step I eliminate rel="nofollow" for internal links (my site and its subdomains) using the following regular expression:

<a href="http([s]?)://(www\.|forum\.|blog\.)mysite.com(.*?)" rel="nofollow"

How can I do this only in one step? Is it possible?

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How about using an html parser? –  Antony Jul 13 '13 at 12:04
Better yet, how about using the search function? Possible duplicate of RegEx expression to find a href links and add NoFollow to them or How to add rel="nofollow" to links with preg_replace() –  mario Jul 13 '13 at 12:09

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The DOM way:

$doc = new DOMDocument();
@$doc -> loadHTMLFile($url); // url of the html file
$links = $doc->getElementsByTagName('a');

foreach($links as $link) {
    $href = $link->getAttribute('href');
    if (preg_match('~^https?://(?>[^/m]++|m++(?!ysite.com\b))*~', $href))
        $link->setAttribute('rel', 'nofollow');

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(<a href="https?://)((?:(?!\b(mysite\.com|www\.mysite\.com|forum\.mysite\.com)\b)[^"])+)"


\1\2" rel="nofollow"
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