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I am very new to control-m and wanted to ask if control-m supports this scenario:

  1. We have a http webservice that runs a log running job e.g.


This will then start job A on the server and returns a job id back. I return job id so i can get status of the job from the server when ever i want to. The job has many statuses e.g. Waiting, In progress, error

  1. I want the control-m job status to be updated as soon as the job on the server updates. For that, I have created a webservice url:


This url request will get the job status of the job id 1

Can control-m poll a web service url for a job status and can I call a web service to run a job and get its id back?

Apologies for asking this basic level question. Any help will be really appreciated.

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Welcome to the Control-M community :-)

You can implement 2 Control-M WebServices jobs (available with BPI – Business Process Integration Suite), one to submit your job and get its ID, and one to track its status.

Alternatively you can implement this in 1 Control-M OS type job using the ctmsubmit command inside a script…

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